M = midi file; S = music score; PDF = pdf file; ND = non-denominational


Goin' To Leave Ol' Texas (Old Texas): M
Girl Scout Law Grace
Golden Rule Grace
Promise and Law Grace ND


Happy Birthday: Alleluia, Amen M
Hark to the Chimes M S
Hark to the Chimes
Lord Bless This Food [ND]
Heart and Soul: From My Heart M [ND]
Heigh-Ho: We Know, We Know M
Hernando's Hideaway: M
Be Present At Our Table, Lord
Grace S
We Thank Thee Father S [ND]
Home Among The Gum Trees: Thank You Lord For The Gum Trees M
Home on the Range: Cowboy's Grace M ND


I Love the Mountains: God Made the Mountains M
I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing: Coca Cola Grace M
I'm a Little Teapot: Thank the Lord M


Jacob's Ladder: Thank Thee, Heavenly Father M
Jeopardy Theme Song: God Is Great M
Jingle Bells: M
Bless This Food
Bless Us Everyone ND
Johnny Appleseed M
Friends - Grace
Johnny Appleseed S


Kookaburra: Kookaburra Grace M
Kookaburra & For Health and Strength  M
Kum Ba Yah: For the Food We Eat M [ND]


Linger: MMM Grace
London Bridge: God Is Great M


Mairzy Doats: We Give Thanks M
Make New Friends: Bless Our Food M ND
Mambo #5: Girl Scout Mambo M
Mary Had a Little Lamb: Let's Join Hands M
Michael Row The Boat Ashore: M
God Is Great, God Is Good
'Neath These Tall Green Trees
Thank You For The Food We Eat
Thank You for The World So Sweet
Mickey Mouse March: T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U Thank You Lord! M
The More We Get Together: Namaste M
Morning Has Broken (BUNESSAN): God's Word M
Morning is Here: M
Good Morning God
Praise God For Bread
Morning Is Here S
Ya es la Hora
My Bonnie: We Gather M [ND]
My Guy: My God M
My Hat, It Has Three Corners: Forever and a Day M


Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da: Eagle Thanks M
Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be: May God Bless M
Oh My Papa: Almighty God M S
The Old Gray Mare: Circles of Love ND
On Top of Old Smoky: He Hears M
One little, two little, three little thank you's (Ten Little Indians) M