music by Louis Bourgeois (1510-1561)

Be Present At Our Table, Lord

Be present at our table Lord,
Be here and everywhere adored.
These mercies bless and grant that we
May live in fellowship with Thee.

Other last lines:
May live in harmony with Thee
May feast in Paradise with Thee.
May strengthened for Thy service be.
May spend ourt lives in serving Thee.

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Gratitude Grace
words: Olive Haskins

Lord gratitude we offer all,
Who labor that we may be fed;
O, dignify our toil for them.
Bring kinship through our daily bread.

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Let's All Sing

O Lord, The Giver Of All Good

O Lord, the Giver of all good,
We thank Thee for our daily food,
May Guiding friends and Guiding ways,
Help us to serve Thee all our days.

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Thank You

We thank You God for each new day,
For flowers strewn along the way,
For blessings spread before us now,
With grateful hearts our heads we bow.

Wayfarer's Grace by Elizabeth Worsfold

For all the glory of the way.
For Thy protection, night and day.
For roof-tree, fire and bed and board.
For friends and home, we thank Thee, Lord.

This can also be sung to For The Beauty of the Earth (Dix)  and his it's own tune by G. C. E. Ryley.


Alabemos al Senor.
Demos le gracias al Hacedor;
Por el hogar y la amistad,
Gracias, Senor, Aleluya.


Pour la beautè de nos chemins,
Pour aujourdhui et pour demain,
Et pour ce pain que nous mangeons,
Pour nos amis, nous Te louons.


Für diesen Tag den Du gemacht
Für Deinen Schutz bei Tag und Nacht
Für Obgach, Wärme, Ruh und Brot,
Für alles sei Dir Dank, O Gott.