Graces: What's New

31 May 2004  Added the Addams Family Grace #10

2 October 2003 I have new song books - so I added them to the book list.

20 August 2002  Moved the whole site to another server. As always, my main page will point you in the right direction.

21 May 2002  Added an edited midi file for the Barbie Grace.

26 February 2002  Added a grace to the tune of Linger , written by Cadette Troop 188.

12 February 2002 Added an original new grace by Shelagh Walsh - The Volunteer's Grace .

14 August 2001  Lots of stuff. Overhauled the site for cleaner links; added links to the 'All in one' pages; identified even more non denominational songs (46 so far); and added special indexes for things like first line, non-denominational, international, rounds, repeat songs.

MUSIC!!! On almost every song. I decided to put the midi right on the page unless the file is over 20k. That way you can hear the music and see the words at the same time.  I originally wanted to keep a link, so you'd only download a midi when you wanted it, but the only way I could figure out to do this was using a java pop-up window, and that has been badly misused. So, it's all on the same page.

New songs: A Grace, Girl Scout Way Grace, Bon Appetit, Eagle Thanks, Father As We Bow Before You, Fellowship, For the Food That Is Before Us, For Thy Gracious Blesing, Girl Scout Law Grace, Girl Scout Mambo, God is Love God Is Good, Be Present at Our Table (Hernando), Grace Song, Lord Bless This Food, Lord the Giver Of All Good, O Lord the Giver of All Good, Praise and Thanks, Rainbow Grace, Sing Your Praise, Thank You, Thand You For the World So Sweet, Thank You For This Lovely Day, We Thank You Lord.

7 December 2000 Changed the credit for Taps. For an interesting history of Taps, check it out this website and The best guess I can make is that Rukard Hurd wrote some of the words to Taps, but which ones no one seems to be sure of. The music, at least, seems clearer: General Butterfield composed/altered/inspired it in1862.

2 April 2000  Added several songbooks to the songbook page - mostly Canadian Girl Guide ones. Added two new graces by Shawn Bird: Shawn's Grace and Barbie Grace.

3 February 2000   Moved the the whole Grace site to another location to reduce costs. I'll keep a marker at the old site. Added a page of Graces that are not specific to any religion or faith (I hope). It's called Non-Denominational. All graces on the site are now on the "All Graces on 1 page"

29 June 1999  Added For the Food We Eat to the tune of Kum Ba Yah. Thanks, Ida!

8 June 1999  Added the Addams Family Grace #9. This one has plates, dishes, and nutrition.

13 May 1999  Added the Coca Cola Grace.

28 April, 1999   Found out the tune to the Lollipop Grace - Turkey in the Straw. Come and Dine is the refrain to a hymn of the same name by C. Widemeyer!

13 September 1998   From Barbara Hunter's grace compilation: Be Present At Our Table (Chim Chim Cher-ee); Bless Us Everyone (Jingle Bells); God Is Great (Jeopardy); God Is Great (For the Beauty of the Earth); added a different version of Time to Eat; Neath These Tall Green Trees (Michael Row the Boat); Thank You (Doxology); Thank You For the World So Sweet (another Michael tune); We Give Thanks; When'er You Make a Promise Grace.

Identified several graces out of the GSUSA songbooks that are public domain. They are: Morning, Evening; This Our Daily Food; God Is Great; Alleluh (Praise Ye the Lord); Danket dem Herrn; Johnny Appleseed; Rise Up O Flame (May God Supply the Wants of my Brother; Camp Grace (Jamaican); Merci, Seigneur; Benedicamus Domino; Jubilate Deo; Morning Is Here; Alleluis, Louanges; Gelobet; Oh, Render Thanks; Scottish Grace; Hark to the Chimes; Back of the Bread; Oh, Give Thanks; Allelujah, Amen (2 part round).

Added the Alphabet Grace.

27 August 1998 Added music score and midi for Be Present Here , score for Be Present at Our Table Lord.

30 May 1998    Added music score for Segne, Vater.

29 May 1998  Added music score for Father, Give This Food Thy Blessing.

28 May 1998  Added music score and midi (tune: Rise Up O Flame) for May God Supply the Wants of My Brother.

27 May 1998 Added music scores for God Creator and Grace (tune: Are You Sleeping); We Thank Thee Father.

6 May 1998  Traveler's Grace is a 4 part round! Updated the midi file so you can hear it as a round after the song plays through once.

2 May 1998  Reformatted for a frames layout.  Let me know what you think.

30 April 1998  Added the Lollipop Grace, Addams Family Grace #8, Breakfast Prayer, Friends - Grace, Edelweiss Grace 2, God Creator, Thank You Lord, Thanks For Grace, Yankee Doodle Grace, We Thank Thee Father, We Thank You Father.   Added midis for Amazing Grace, Auld Lang Syne, Camp Town Races, On Top of Old Smoky, Yankee Doodle.

December 2, 1997  Added a page with all the lyrics so you can search for words, or scroll down to view all of them at once.  It's big: about 60K. All Grace Lyrics .

November 7, 1997  Added the Brown Cow Grace . Thanks to Jane Madden for teaching me the tune over the net.

July 20, 1997  Added midi for DIX (For The Beauty of the Earth).

July 12, 1997    Midis added for Back of the Bread, Back of the Loaf, Bénédicité de Notre Chalet (Our Chalet Grace), Wayfarer's Grace, Bencão Para Refeicões.

July 8, 1997    Added Penny's Grace - thanks Joni.

July 7, 1997    Added midi's for several graces.  Look for the ((m)) by the name.

June 21, 1997     Added Do Wah Diddy Grace , T-H-A-N-K  Y-O-U , and Thank Thee to a different tune.

June 14, 1997    Added Circles of Love to the tune of The Old Gray mare (also known as Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts).  Thanks, Brownie Troop 389 - I found it at your web site. I added another verse to Johnny Appleseed . Thank you, Jan.

June 8, 1997    Check out the songbooks page. Put in a cleaner copy of Hernando's Hideaway.  Checked individual songs for Song book listings.

May 28, 1997   Added words to Bless This Food

May 10, 1997  Added alpha navigators, individual music scores.Added a list of International Graces.   Please send information on graces I haven't identified. Added words to all the graces.

March 22, 1997   Added new words to Today and Dear Lord and Father

January 31, 1997  Added a background.  Let me know if the words end up over the dark blue bar.

December 31, 1996  Added Namaste .

December 30, 1996  Added the music score for Almighty God, corrected the words .

December 24, 1996  Added credits for Hernado Hideaway Grace and Oh! My Papa .  Found the original music for Hernando's Hideaway - could it be a tango? Added the music score for Hernando's Grace.

December 21, 1996  Girl Scout Morning Grace by Jinx McGuire, music score and words